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The agriculture industry in central and southern Indiana and southeastern Illinois is expected to see continued growth to 2022, which comes as no surprise given Indiana’s national strength in food processing and production. Indiana ranks 1st in duck and popcorn production, 2nd in tomatoes processing, 2nd in ice cream production, 3rd in soybean processing, 4th in egg production, 4th in corn processing, and 5th in hog and corn production.

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Agriculture By The Numbers

  • Illinois and Indiana rank 7th and 8th, respectively, in the average value of farm real estate per acre
  • $10 billion of agricultural products were sold in Indiana in 2016, including $3.1 billion in soybeans, $3 billion in corn, and $1 billion in hogs
  • Illinois leads the country in total value of outbound agriculture shipments, with over $75 billion in 2015
  • Nine industry sub-clusters – including Rendering and Meat Byproduct Processing, Fertilizer Manufacturing, and Grain and Field Bean Merchant Wholesalers – employ more than 1.5x the national average

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