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Indiana and Illinois have an abundant, capable, versatile workforce.

  • More than half of the population is 25 to 64 years old.
  • Over 81% have a high school diploma or higher.
  • Many are specially trained in manufacturing and technology, agriculture, logistics, and other specialty industries.
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Labor Force Estimator Tool

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Note: This data is updated weekly, and reflects actual individual job applicants who have expressed interest in employment through the Indiana Career Connect system, a program of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.

The job categories used in this estimator tool are based on the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook. The estimate of the number of applicants for related occupations refers to all applicants in the wider Occupation Classification that any particular Occupation is included in.

Manufacturing and Technology Expertise

Indiana employs more than 10% of the country’s primary metal and transportation equipment workforce.

More than 150,000 scientists and engineers live and work in Illinois. The state was ranked 5th in “Technology and Innovation” in CNBC news television channel’s 2013 ranking of the states.

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