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Commercial & Industrial Renewable Options


Hoosier Energy is committed to renewable energy and supporting programs that help our communities build a renewable energy portfolio. Our region boasts five renewable sites (three renewable energy sites and two wind farms), 10 utility-scale solar sites, and a variety of other renewable sources, plus Hoosier’s local cooperatives have created several options to help our commercial and industrial members meet their renewable energy goals quickly, easily, and cost effectively.

Renewable Energy Options

  • Hoosier Energy Built and Owned Projects – We offer a variety of financing and project options to build an on- or off-site project to meet your needs.
  • Self-Built Project – We have a defined process to guide you successfully from project conception to interconnection.
  • Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) – An easy, inexpensive way to purchase renewable energy for a facility. These credits can cover up to 100 percent of energy usage.
  • Renewable Information and Analysis – We can provide discussion on project analysis, carbon calculations, and contract analysis and information.

All-of-the-Above Portfolio

Our generation assets encompass an “all-of-the-above” energy strategy.

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Project Developer, Renewable Energy

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