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The following companies successfully located or expanded in Indiana and Illinois with the help of electric cooperatives served by Hoosier Energy.

Japanese Investment Continues to Land in Indiana - March 2017

Expansion Solutions Magazine, March/April 2017 Issue 

Indiana's relationship with Japan now spans nearly 40 years, and is stronger than ever.

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Poultry Posts Big Impact for Indiana - May 2017

Expansion Solutions Magazine, May/June 2017 Issue

While the Hoosier state may be best known for corn and soybeans, the Indiana poultry industry stands as a key driver of agribusiness and continues to grow its economic impact.


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Indiana: The Hoosier State Has A Bold Vision For The Future - September 2016

From Business Facilities Magazine, September/October 2016 Issue

Indiana's advanced auto manufacturing is powering investment and fueling expansion throughout the state.

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Advanced Manufacturing Industry: Dynamic Advancements - April 2016

Business Facilities Magazine, March/April 2016 Issue 

Hoosier Energy's at the Top

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Site Selection Investment Profile - Miracle in a Cornfield - September 2016

Site Selection magazine, September 2016

Technology assets in southern Indiana join forces to create an extraordinary potential for sustainable economic development.


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Site Selection Investment Profile - Power Points - March 2017

Site Selection magazine, March 2017

A rural Indiana energy cooperative is a formidable competitor for your next investment.

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C&I Program Shines with Furniture Maker OFS Brands

From Hoosier Sites Archive

An office furniture maker served by Dubois REC is experiencing real energy savings as a result of the cooperative’s commercial and industrial (C & I) program incentives.   

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Nation's Top Amusement Park Continues Growth

Consumers know a good thing when they see it and that shows in the continuing growth of Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, routinely ranked the cleanest, safest, friendliest amusement park in the U.S

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Jackson County REMC Promotes Energy Efficiency with Incentives for Customers

When Jackson County REMC offered a new program that gave rebates to industrial customers who invested in energy efficiency, Genesis Plastics had to look beyond just the question of controlling energy costs.  And the conclusion for Genesis was that they could achieve better color rendition on their plant floor, allowing them to monitor production standards, and also reduce the electric cost of their lighting.

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Jackson County REMC and Hoosier Energy Go Back to School for Washington County School

A solar water heating system and modernization of the existing electric water heating system are now a team at the West Washington School Corporation near Campbellsburg in Washington County, Indiana.

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Decatur County REMC Loves Surprising Its Customers with Refunds

Whether you rent an apartment, own a home, or supervise expenses for a business, electricity and other utilities are a part of the monthly overhead. Most of the time, the expense is consistent, planned for, and budgeted, and you pay little attention to it. What you don't expect is for the electric company to issue a refund.

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Helping a Prison Break Out of Wasting Energy

Think about the key accounts at your electric cooperative and what comes to mind—probably factories, warehouses and schools. How about prisons? They’re on Hoosier Energy’s list. And the G&T helped save one state facility hundreds of thousands of dollars through energy efficiency improvements—some of which were done with the inmates’ help.

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Martinsville Elementary Benefits from REMC Grant

The Martinsville Metropolitan School District (MSD) is spread across twelve locations in a suburban Indianapolis county. Many of those are "Energy Star Certified" by the EPA, a federal program which recognizes facilities that take the proper steps to ensure their power is used in the most efficient manner possible. The school district administration was puzzled by the fact that South Elementary, though the newest school in the district, consistently rated sub-par in energy efficiency. The answer to the puzzle was revealed last year when the district approved funding for a maintenance overhaul made possible in part by a $50,000.00 grant from Hoosier Energy.

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Whitewater Valley Boosts Warehouse Power Quality

Terry Ferrell, Maintenance Supervisor of the Dot Foods Cambridge City Distribution Center, had a power problem affecting almost all aspects of the plant and its nearly 200 employees. Dot Foods is one of the largest food re-distributors in the United States, and power issues in Cambridge City could potentially affect food distribution throughout much of the Midwest. “We’d had a lot of lightning strikes, and our power fluctuations were of great concern, particularly if those issues were to ever affect our refrigeration and freezer units. We have some units that must be kept at near-zero, and those need to be working at top efficiency at all times.” On top of this, fire alarm systems and security systems kept losing power.

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Co-Op Energy Savings Help Factory Regain Production

For decades, the Delta Faucet Plant was a major manufacturing asset to the Greensburg community, located in Decatur County, Indiana. Company founder Alex Manoogian opened the plant in 1959., and the facility at 1425 W. Main Street peaked at 1,300 employees while producing an array of upgraded faucet and bath components within bustling 380,000 sq. ft. facility.

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Merkley Meats Upgrades Using REC Rebates

As energy usage enters the 21st century, the trend in technology is towards blending higher efficiency equipment with "green" Earth-conscious energy-savings. This trend, paired with increasing government regulations that require businesses to practice energy responsibility, means companies have more to think about when carrying out routine replacement of aging equipment. In some cases, the cost for such upgrades can make some business owners pause, or even balk, in their plans to move forward. But fortunately for many businesses in southern Indiana, Dubois REC and other local rural electric cooperatives, in a partnership with Hoosier Energy, have created a monetary rebate program available to qualifying businesses interested in such upgrades.

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3 REMCs Using REDLG Funds to Improve Communities

A bright white water tower emerges from the landscape near the small towns of Scotland and Crane served by Utilities District of Western Indiana (UDWI) REMC. The simplicity of the tower belies the significance of the structure to the viability of the area. The water supply has driven an economic boon for business development and it has paved the way for a training academy in a thriving technology park. A 10-year loan with a zero interest rate from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), applied for and administered by UDWI, the electric cooperative that serves numerous businesses in the region, was the catalyst for moving forward with the construction of the tower in 2012.

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