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About Us

Hoosier Energy Economic Development is one of the Midwest’s leading economic development organizations. It is a program of Hoosier Energy.

In 2016, through the efforts of Hoosier Energy Economic Development…

  • More than 1,200 new jobs were created in Indiana and Illinois
  • $300 million in new capital investment was made in member territories
  • An estimated 17 megawatts of new industrial and commercial load was added.

About Hoosier Energy

Hoosier Energy is a power cooperative.

We serve 18 member electric cooperatives in central and southern Indiana and southeastern Illinois.

Hoosier Energy is a generation and transmission cooperative providing wholesale electric power and services to member distribution cooperatives.

Founded in 1949 and based in Bloomington, Indiana, our generation includes coal, natural gas and renewable energy resources and deliver power through a nearly 1,700 mile transmission network.

Our member cooperatives.

Hoosier Energy cooperatives serve 59 Indiana and Illinois counties.

Our member cooperatives operate and maintain 36,000 miles of distribution lines and provide electric service to nearly 300,000 consumers, serving an estimated 686,000 people in Indiana and Illinois.

Our mission is to provide members with assured, reliable and competitively priced energy and services in a safe and environmentally acceptable manner. We demonstrate our commitment to that mission through our actions and results.

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