Industries in the Plastics cluster are energy intensive, using large amounts of electricity to produce plastics and products. The Hoosier Energy Region mitigates this by providing the lowest electricity rates among all neighboring states. Despite high industry employment in the region – Indiana ranks 1st in concentration of plastics employment – 13% of Hoosier Energy Region residents who work in plastics commute outside the region for work, indicating there’s a ready workforce available for growth.

Notable Companies

Plastics By The Numbers

  • 21 counties in the Hoosier Energy Region have at least 2x the national average of industry workers
  • Indiana ranks 4th in number of freight railroads, with a total of 2,457 miles of Class I Railroads
  • Indiana ranks 5th in industrial consumption of natural gas, with 371.3 billion cubic feet consumed in 2016
  • Illinois is 5th in most sector jobs