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BEHIND-THE-SCENES: Auto Supply Chain Drives Industry Success in Indiana

Story from Expansion Solutions Magazine, posted March/April 2018

When most people drive a new car off the lot, they don’t think about what went into getting it there. For Indiana’s auto assembly plants and suppliers, that’s all they think about.

With assembly plants by General Motors, Honda, Subaru and Toyota all located within the state, it’s no wonder Indiana is the nation’s third-largest producer of cars and trucks and ranks second in the nation in auto supply chain manufacturing.

Driving that success is a well-oiled supply chain with deep southern Indiana roots. From Cummins, a global engine supply powerhouse headquartered in Columbus with a local workforce topping 6,000, to Honda Manufacturing of Indiana, Inc. in the southeast corner of the state, the auto industry in Indiana is vibrant and growing.

“The success of the state auto industry’s $20 billion annual contribution to the U.S. gross domestic product stems, in part, from the state’s proven track record in manufacturing job growth, extensive supply chain and a highly-skilled workforce,” says Rollie Helmling, Sr. Vice President of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC). “Per capita more people work in manufacturing in Indiana than any other state,” he says.

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